Autofill Ontraport Form Fields with URL Parameters

Autofill Ontraport Form Fields with URL Parameters

What’s up guys. Now obviously I’m a big fan of just how much you can do with Ontraport’s built-in features and the way they’ve designed it to be an almost endlessly customizable tool for us to maximize its impact on our businesses.

That’s why I’m always scrolling through the group posts to see what everyone else is using the system for to see if I can pick up any good ideas or lend a helping hand if possible.

Awhile ago I saw a post from Akilah Pitts talking about a case where she wanted to offer an easy way to offer an upsell to someone a few days after they purchased a product.

Her idea was to pre-fill a form to make it simple for the prospect to complete the purchase.

Simple right?

But there’s just one problem.

Order forms are secure so there is no way to pre-fill those.

That means you need to use a smartform (OntraForm) instead.

Which is cool, but what if we want to use some of our fancy new Ontraport Pages v3 checkout pages?

So, I called up my go to OntraNinja Thomas Tgbx Gobeaux and we got busy figuring out if there was a workaround.

Long story short, the months in the lab paid off again because we managed to get Ontraport to play nicely with URL parameters that auto-populate form fields.

Like this

Obviously that’s a hard coded link, but if you were sending this from an email you could use Ontraport’s merge fields to dynamically insert those values…

And Presto-Change-O!

You’ve got yourself a simple way to pre-fill forms on your landing pages even if they’re using HTTPS.

Besides order forms, can you guys think of any other way to use URL parameters to supercharge landing page experiences?


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