Ontraport Thank You Page Into Order Summary Playground

Hello Ontrabelievers!

So, the other day I dreamed that I was talking to a prospective client (yes I dream about Ontraport sometimes 😂) who was worried about whether or not Ontraport would really be able to replace ClickFunnels (first time you’ve heard that I’m sure LOL)…

So, I asked him exactly which pieces of CF he was most concerned about and he echoed the usual…

“I’m worried that Ontraport doesn’t have enough pretty templates”
“With ClickFunnels I can deploy a whole funnel in a couple of clicks”
“Building with CF is so easy & I’ve heard Ontraport is hard”
“I’ve heard Ontraport has a huge learning curve”

So I gave him the spiel…

“Templates don’t matter nearly as much as the Offer, the Copy & the Audience. Besides, Russell Brunson himself starts from ZERO on his live funnel builds so stop thinking the ‘right’ template is going to make or break your success. The Ontraport team has also taken an active interest in putting more templates in place. Plus, I’ll give you access to a library of templates to choose from along with all the ones we make in the future. If you really see one you’re dying to have, I’ll get the team to whip one up no problem…”

“Full funnels? Well, not really because you still have to write the emails and copy, right? But OK, I have 4 plug-&-play funnels ready to go and they even have the email templates + landing page copy 80% done for you. Check.”

“CF is easy to build pages with. But so is Ontraport. Especially if you’ve never touched either one. Plus both have live webcasts that show you how the founders approach building out the pages so I’d actually put the learning curve about on par. But is building the pages yourself really your highest & best use of time as the captain of your ship?”

But then he threw me a curveball…

“ClickFunnels has a dynamic order summary page.”

I was stumped, so I said let me get back to you and then I woke up…

But it wasn’t the first time I’d heard a similar request so I went digging through the group and sure enough, Danno Sullivan mentioned something similar way back when.

So, I started playing around with the ClickFix shortcodes to see if we could make something even cooler than the basic order summary page…

Since Ontraport conveniently let’s us pass CGI + eCommerce variables when we submit forms, it was actually much simpler than I thought it would be.

Let me show you how I did it.

First I grabbed the checkout page and went into the form settings to have it pass both the CGI & eCommerce variables by clicking the check boxes. Then I set the thank you page to the HTTPS version of my thank you page.

Then I saved all the changes and switched to my thank you page.

Over there, I dropped in the ClickFix shortcode activation snippet into the header section of the page.

Then, I set up my page using the [FromURL] shortcode to grab things from the URL query string like the item quantity, item name, item price and the first name to set up both the dynamic sentence as well as a simple dynamic summary table.

I was able to whip this up pretty quickly with 0 attention to design, but I’m sure you’ll come up with something that looks even better!

Doing this particular usecase project got me really excited about all of the other possibilities presented by the [FromURL] shortcode.

For example, I could also set it up to pull any URL parameters that get populated dynamically by Google Ads or Facebook Ads and put that into strategic parts of my landing page.

Let’s say you target men and women and a bunch of different age groups. You could theoretically set up a single page that would read those variables and put something in the page like

“If your a [FromURL gender] between the ages of [FromURL age], then you’ll want to pay close attention.”

As people click on your ads, they’ll get message variations that seem to speak directly to them:

“If your a man between the ages of 35-40, then you’ll want to pay close attention.”

We could even take this one step further and include other shortcodes like our group of conditionals to show and hide elements on the page like images so that the entire page experience changes based on the information being passed to the URL.

Think about that for a second!

That means that with a bit of creative thinking, you may be able to set up a single dynamic landing page that adapts to your visitors instead of having to make duplicates and ads that are pointing all over the place.

Do any other ideas come to mind?

I love talking about this stuff as some of you can confirm first hand so if you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to make yourself heard.

Ontraport’s Magical Micro Commitment Landing Pages

Hey there OntraFans!

I’m back with another quick use case video for shortcodes and enhanced Ontraport Pages.

The other day I had someone reach out to me asking whether or not it would be possible to create a mini-survey for their landing page like the one that Russell Brunson currently has on the ClickFunnels home page.

I said, “Of Course! But there’s only one catch, we have to use a drop-down instead of radio buttons since we’re still waiting on radio buttons as a field type in Ontraport.”

Now, I’ve already shown you guys how a full on survey funnel would work (I’ll link to that in the comments), but let me give you a quick glimpse of a different approach commonly referred to as the “micro-commitment” opt-in.

Just like its cousin the “2-Step” which shows a pop-up when someone clicks the button, our “micro-commitment” approach leverages the psychology of someone already having said “yes” to the “small” or “micro” step of clicking or otherwise interacting with the page so they’re more likely to continue down the path as long as they don’t meet any major resistance along the way.

“Objects in motion” and all of that…

So, rather than clicking a button, what we’re asking people is to answer an innocent question about how they found us.

You can ask anything here and obviously if you plan to use the info for tagging and/or automations you’ll want to make the question relevant or even add additional steps to this flow.
Once they make their selection, the interface changes and they’re prompted for their email.

Let me show you how this was done.

First we laid out all of the elements in the editor.

Then we added the ClickFix shortcode snippet (which is free by the way) to the header section to enable shortcodes on the page.

After that, it was a simple matter of hiding the elements we didn’t want shown at the beginning and then telling ClickFix that when someone makes a selection we want to flip what’s shown & what’s hidden with the conditional [IfField] shortcode.

The last bit of custom work was with the progress bar which is just some basic HTML & CSS which I duplicated it twice. Once for the step 1 and the other to represent step 2.

It was so quick & painless, that it’s literally taken me longer to shoot the explainer video 😂

If you’re interested, I’d love to share this template with you.

Unfortunately, I can’t just paste the share link in the post because of the custom code so I’d have to figure out what the easiest way to get this into your hands would be.

So, if you’re interested please let me know and we can brainstorm the simplest way to get you testing this in your own business.

Even if you don’t need this particular template, I hope you’re starting to see just how much more you can get out of Ontraport thanks to their commitment to make probably the most customizable marketing platform on the market and a little custom love 😉

Welcome & Whitelist Email

Welcome & Whitelist Email

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In today’s ClickFix, we’re going over how to set up your dynamic Welcome & Whitelist Email.

So, what is a whitelist email and why should you care?

Regardless of the invention of new social media networks and communication apps, email still remains one of the most reliably profitable channels to communicate with your prospects and customers.

In fact, according to PPC powerhouse WordStream, 64% of companies still rate email marketing as the most effective marketing channel. A study by Kissmetrics puts that number at 52%, but when you line it up next to other channels in terms of both effectiveness and difficulty of execution, it’s still easy to see that email is still something you should focus on getting right.

As you probably already know, the email that is likely to have the highest open rate, or percentage of people who actually open an email sent to them, is the first email they ever receive from you. The best marketers take advantage of that email to do 2 very important things.

First, they set the expectations of the prospect about what type of content to expect and how often they’ll send it to them. This is the email where they start to build trust. Hopefully that goes along with a lot of goodwill to convince the prospect they’re not just someone they should listen to, but also someone they should like.

It’s also a great time to invite the person to connect with them on more channels like social media to increase the odds of marketing messages being seen and more opportunities to have meaningful conversations at different points during the customer journey.

But perhaps even more critical is the second goal of this welcome email, the instructions on how to whitelist your messages. Many people spend a ton of time trying to figure out how to write killer subject lines and profit pumping email copy.

But none of that matters if your prospect never sees the email because it ends up in their SPAM folder or their Gmail promotions tab. That’s where “whitelisting” comes in.

Each email provider has a different process for marking your emails as desirable and it’s worth taking the time to show your subscribers how to do it on their particular system whenever possible.

But who has time to go research all of that, let alone put together a way to put them all into an email designed to gain their trust, connect with them across different channels and give them easy to follow instructions for their particular email client?

That’s why we took the time to give you not just a sweet welcome email template, but also a dynamic Ontraport campaign that will detect which email provider their using and insert instructions specific to them.

Let’s jump into Ontraport and take a look.

After clicking on the import link located in the member’s area of our website below this video, follow the steps to add the custom campaign to your Ontraport account. Once that’s done, find the “Messages” link in the top menu and then open the “ClickFix – Whitelist Email” so we can go over the template first.

Feel free to customize this however you want or even just grab the text and put it in your own template if you have a different style that you prefer.

You’ll see instructions on where to personalize the email bolded and in all caps between brackets. These tell you exactly what information to fill in to make this reflect your brand’s messaging.

NOTE: There are 2 mail merge fields in this email that SHOULD NOT be changed if you want to keep the dynamic personalization to work!

The [First Name] merge field will do exactly what it says, replace that field with your contact’s first name.
The [Whitelist Guide] field is where the real magic is though. This will automatically insert the instructions for your contact’s specific email platform without you needing to do anything else. We will take a look at those a bit later.

The last thing you’ll want to do here is customize the subject line under the settings tab and click the “Copy From HTML” button to save the changes you made to the plain text version of the email. When you’re done, click the Save button and you’re all set.

OK, now let’s make sure your Ontraport has that merge field ready to go.

Head over to your Contacts > Settings page and click on the “Default Merge Fields” option.

Depending on when you’re following these instructions, your Ontraport import process may have already added the merge for you automatically. If not, you’ll need to add the merge field in manually.

To do that, go back to the Contacts > Settings page and click on “Field Editor” this time.

Once that loads, you’ll need to click the “Add Field” button in your desired tab area. We chose to put it in the Lead Information tab, but you can put it wherever you’d like. You need to make sure to enter the Field Name exactly as it is shown (Whitelist Guide) with a capital “W” and a capital “G” or it won’t work for you. Select “Long Text” from the drop-down menu and then click the “Save” button. Complete the process by clicking the blue “Save” button in the upper right corner.

Besides the email template and custom field, you’ll probably notice that a new Campaign has been added to your account. Let’s take a quick look at that so I can explain how it works. Don’t worry, you won’t actually have to do anything, but it’s worth checking out so you understand the process.

Who knows, maybe it will give you some other ideas of how to leverage Ontraport in even more exciting ways. Or better yet, maybe it will give you some ideas you can send into us and we can make for you!
If you’re not there already, head over to the Campaigns page and click on the “ClickFix – Welcome & Whitelist Email” campaign.

So, let’s go through it step-by-step.

At the top you’ll see the “Contact is updated” trigger which is set to fire when the contact is first created.
From there, we take the contact through a series of conditions which checks to see if the email domain your contact used has something recognizable like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. If so, it automatically populates the [Whitelist Instructions] merge field for you. If they are using a custom domain or one that isn’t recognized, it populates the field with a set of fallback instructions which allows them to choose the one they need.
Make sure to “Save & Publish” the campaign to activate it and Ontraport will take care of the rest.

Now let’s take a look at what the final email looks like. I’m using the Mac Mail client so there may be a slight difference depending on what they are using, but it should be similar.

I won’t show you all of them for the sake of time, but here’s what Gmail looks like. You can see that we’ve given them some written instructions along with some animated GIFs. That should be enough for most people, but we’ve also included a link to a YouTube explainer video for those who prefer that type of tutorial.

Now, here’s the fallback version. Since we weren’t able to detect the right client, we’ve instead given them links to various animated GIFs and YouTube videos to help cover the widest possible audience.

So, that’s it!

Now you have a fully functioning, dynamic welcome & whitelist email which will hopefully get your message to land in more inboxes. That means more opens, more clicks and more sales with no extra effort.

Hide/Show Element Toggle

Hide/Show Element Toggle

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[HideElement xx] [ShowElement xx]

[HideBlock xx] [ShowBlock xx]

[HideColumn xx] [ShowColumn xx]

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