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Kenrick Callwood


Ken is a California expat that’s been living in Spain since 2003 when he was on vacation and decided to stay on a whim.

He’s been working with Ontraport since 2011 and ended up meeting Thomas during the 2017 Certification course and the initial idea for ClickFix began to take shape. Now he splits his time between computer screens and playgrounds as he raises his two beautiful daughters.

Thomas Gobeaux


Born and Raised in France, living between airports as much as possible, Thomas spent his early career doing Copywriting and Internet Marketing. In 2016, having found a new lover named Ontraport, he decided to commit his career to helping entrepreneurs implement systems and processes in their business for profit and peace of mind.

Since their clients always needed custom features, they decided to cofound ClickFix together in 2018 and gift most of the low code language they had developed - ClickFix Shortcodes - back to the community, while keeping only the server intensive features as 'paid'.

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Lead Back End

First hired after Kenrick and Thomas realised none of them is a coder, Anastasia has engineered everything that makes ClickFix work and serve 1000s of requests daily today. Raised in the Ural mountains, she brings her Russian toughness into making sure your data is safe and everything fires smoothly and at light speed for you.


Lead Front End

Living in the beautiful country of Georgia, Giorgi joined the team shortly after Anastasia. When not working on his next video game, Giorgi develops everything ClickFix Shortcode, effectively creating a new low-code development language targeted at Ontraport Landing Pages for you all to enjoy for Free.


Master System Builder

Second Frenchman on the team, Bastien joined ClickFix in the midst of the COVID pandemic after a diploma in sound engineering in Canada. New to Ontraport and ClickFix, he quickly proved himself to be one of the fastest implementer on the market, with a keen eye for details and a quick understanding of business problems.
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