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💡 ClickFix | Deadline Funnels


Deadline Funnels
Supercharge your Ontraport pages with ClickFix's Timer shortcode, a versatile tool that adds dynamic countdowns and time-based interactivity to your web content. With just a few simple shortcode integrations, you can effortlessly create countdown timers for various purposes.

  • Custom Countdowns: Tailor your timers to specific needs. Whether you need to countdown to a scheduled event, offer limited-time promotions, or create a sense of urgency, ClickFix's Timer shortcode provides the flexibility to meet your requirements.

  • Dynamic Timestamps: Capture and transfer timestamps related to your timers, enhancing user engagement and data collection. Send time-sensitive information via email or pass it to other pages seamlessly.

  • Hidden Elements: Hide timer elements that have reached zero upon page load, providing a clean and user-friendly experience.

  • Display Options: Choose how you want to display your timers - from days and hours to minutes and seconds, it's entirely up to you.

  • Effortless Submission: Set up automatic form submissions triggered by timer expiration, streamlining your visitor's journey and increasing conversion rates.

Discover endless possibilities for enhancing user engagement, driving conversions, and creating compelling offers with ClickFix's Timer shortcode. Unlock the power of time-based interactivity today!

Hey! Learn how to set up a countdown timer for your Ontraport pages, without having to set up a date. 

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Click any of the timer type to see it live
[ Timer type=60m display=days,hours,minutes,seconds]
This is a simple timer of 60min, starting when the page is loaded.
[ Timer type=30m display=no]
This is a timer of 30min and  with display=no it will hide the Timer elements that have already reached Zero when the page loads (to only show minutes and secondes in this case).
[ Timer type=next(monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday,saturday,sunday:9pm:Europe/Paris) display=days,hours,minutes,seconds]

This shortcode will create a timer to the next day at 9pm Europe/Paris timezone.

You can adapt the days or time or timezone to whatever you want

[ Timer type=next(monday,tuesday:8pm:Europe/Paris)(friday,saturday:6pm:Europe/Paris) display=no]

Will set the End Time to be whatever comes next between the provided possiblities.

You can adapt the days or time or timezone to whatever you want

Note that you can add a %target_field% to fill with a TimeStamp (allowing you to transfer this TimeStamp over to Page 2, or to send it via Email to your Visitor).

%target_field% will be hidden automatically.

Your %target_field% must be either a Numeric, a Text, a Long Text Field or Date & Time Fields.

Note that once the contact is cookied and the value is stored inside a field, you can just use a regular Ontraport Merge Field to bring up that timestamp.
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