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💡 ClickFix | FillCoupon


How To Pre-Fill Coupon
Fields On Ontraport

ClickFix introduces the FillCoupon Shortcode, a powerful tool to dynamically apply coupons in real-time, enhancing your e-commerce and marketing efforts. This versatile shortcode empowers you to trigger coupon application based on user behavior, URL parameters, or hard-coded configurations. Discover the flexibility and convenience of FillCoupon for optimizing your promotions.

Key Benefits:

  • Dynamic Coupon Application: FillCoupon enables the dynamic application of coupons, making it easy to deliver personalized discounts to your customers as they interact with your website.

  • URL Parameter Integration: Seamlessly integrate FillCoupon with URL parameters. Apply coupons automatically when customers land on your page with specific URLs, optimizing marketing campaigns and user experiences.

  • Behavior-Based Triggers: Trigger coupon application based on user behavior, such as clicking a button or viewing specific content. Customize your promotions to engage and convert visitors at the right moment.

  • Effortless Configuration: Set up FillCoupon with ease. Whether you want to hard code coupons directly on your page or use URL parameters, this shortcode offers a straightforward configuration process.

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Deliver tailored promotions that resonate with your audience. FillCoupon encourages customer engagement, improves conversions, and boosts satisfaction.

  • Marketing Automation: Integrate FillCoupon into your marketing automation workflows to offer discounts automatically at key touchpoints, enhancing the efficiency of your campaigns.

Experience the FillCoupon Shortcode by ClickFix and revolutionize your coupon management strategy. Deliver targeted discounts and drive conversions like never before. Try it today and unlock the full potential of your e-commerce promotions.

[ FillCoupon %url_parameter% in #%id_of_target_block%]

Will Fill and Submit the Coupon Field in the #%id_of_target_block% Block with the value of your %url_parameter%.

[ FillCoupon "%coupon%" in #%id_of_target_block]

Will Fill and Submit the Coupon Field in the #%id_of_target_block% Block with %coupon%.

If no Block ID is provided we will fill the first coupon field we find.

ATTRIBUTE                                        TYPE                               DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                             
#%id_of_target_block%IDBecause coupon have the same ID if they are in different Blocks, you may target a specific coupon by adding this to your Shortcode.

You can save yourself some time by using our Free Chrome Plugin to find your Block's ID.


Automatic discount from link

Users can simply click on a URL with an embedded coupon code, and it automatically applies at checkout

[ FillCoupon "Demo"]
Will fill the coupon when you get on the page

[ FillCoupon couponurl]
Will fill the coupon when you get on the page with the coupon in your url

 Ex : https://clickfix.io/f/fillcoupon?couponurl=Demo 

Behavior based discounts

A specific coupon can be triggered based on user behavior, such as bump selection, field conditions


 With the use of Smart Conditions and
[ FillCoupon "Demo10"] you can apply a coupon code. 

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