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💡 ClickFix | Graphic Helpers


Graphic Helpers

Unlock the potential of your Ontraport pages with ClickFix's versatile Graphic Helpers. This set of powerful shortcodes equips you with creative tools to enhance your web pages:

  • FunnelGraph: Easily create dynamic graphs based on your data to visually represent information.

  • StarRating: Implement a star rating system to engage and gather feedback from your audience.

  • ProgressBar: Display progress bars on your pages using data from various sources like Ontraport fields, URL parameters, or calculated variables.

These shortcodes empower you to transform your web pages into visually compelling, information-rich experiences. They offer easy integration and customization options, allowing you to convey complex data or add interactive elements effortlessly. Elevate your Ontraport pages with ClickFix's Graphic Helpers, whether you're showcasing data, boosting engagement, or creating visually stunning experiences.

This shortcode allows you to build a star rating system.

This special Shortcode will show a progress bar on your page using data from different sources :

  • from a regular Ontraport [Merge] field
  • from a url parameter
  • from a [Calc] variable on your page

X is the current score, Y is the maximum score.

This shortcode allows you to make a nice Graph based of several data.

The StarRating shortcode can be used in two ways,

You can use a $variable  and it will display stars based on Rating out of 5

[ StarRating max=5 rating=$rating]
[StarRating max=5 rating=$rating]
Or you can use it to fill the field Return Rating 
[ StarRating max=5 rating=4 rater=f1745]
[StarRating max=5 rating=4 rater=f1745]
Here we used the ProgressBar shortcode to show the Rating $variable out of 5 juste like the StarRating

[ ProgressBar x=$rating y=5 height=30]
[ProgressBar x=$rating y=5 height=30]

You can also change the size 

[ ProgressBar x=$rating y=5 height=50]
[ProgressBar x=$rating y=5 height=50]

Or color

[ ProgressBar x=$rating y=5 height=30 color=#f7941e]
[ProgressBar x=$rating y=5 height=30 color=#f7941e]

You can also show the progress on a multistep form

[ ProgressBar x=$progress y=3 height=30 color=#2879FF]
[ProgressBar x=$progress y=3 height=30 color=#2879FF]

The FunnelGraph shortcode will show the Rating $variable and the Return Rating $variable

[FunnelGraph height=150 width=150 direction=vertical labels='Rating,Return Rating' colors='green,blue']($f1744,$f1745)[/FunnelGraph]

[ FunnelGraph height=150 width=150 direction=vertical labels='Rating,Return Rating' colors='green,blue']($f1744,$f1745)[/FunnelGraph]

[Calc $f1744=f1744]
[Calc $f1745=f1745]

[FunnelGraph height=150 width=150 direction=vertical labels='Rating,Return Rating' colors='green,blue|green,blue'](8,17)|(12,14)[/FunnelGraph]

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