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💡 ClickFix | Phonestyle


Elevate the appearance of your phone fields with ClickFix's Phone Field Styler. This feature goes beyond functionality to give your phone fields a polished and professional look. Transform a plain phone field into a sleek, user-friendly element that enhances the overall design of your forms and pages.

Key Advantages:

  • Stylish Design: The Phone Field Styler adds an aesthetic touch to your phone fields, elevating the visual appeal of your forms.

  • Country Dropdown: It includes a convenient country dropdown, simplifying the process for users to select their country code. This dropdown is automatically populated based on the visitor's IP address, ensuring accuracy and saving users time.
  • User-Friendly: By streamlining the input process, this feature provides a more user-friendly experience, reducing friction for form submissions.

  • Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with Ontraport, making it easy to implement across your pages and forms.

Enhance the aesthetics and usability of your phone fields with ClickFix's Phone Field Styler. Make a lasting impression on your users while ensuring accurate data collection.

[ PhoneStyle field=%target_field_1%,%target_field_2%]

This shortcode will change the way a phone field looks by adding a dropdown menu for selecting a country. The dropdown will be filled with the correct country for the visitor based on their IP address.

ATTRIBUTE                                               TYPE                                       DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                                                                                 
%target_field%#%field_id% or %field_name%Because the same Field will have the same name if it is on the page multiple times, you may target a specific Field by targeting its #%field_id%.

You can use our Free Chrome Plugin to find the ID or name of the field easily.


You can also add CSS parameters to the shortcode such as :

background-color=#The background color code

dropdown-divider-color=#The dropdown divider color code

dropdown-bg-color-hover=#The hover color code

line-height= The heigh of the line in pixel ( px )

margin-top/bottom/left/right= The heigh of the margin in each the direction you choose in pixel ( px )

[ PhoneStyle field=#of488b8566cc2-office_phone background-color=#e0e0e0 dropdown-bg-color-hover=#f7941e line-height=41px margin-top=24px]

You can adapt the size of the Phonestyle to correctly fit your field, and change the color to your desire.
[ PhoneStyle field=#of488b8566cc2-sms_number background-color=#F9fbe7 dropdown-bg-color-hover=#ffcc80 dropdown-divider-color=#757575 line-height=36px margin-top=24px]
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