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💡 ClickFix | Shopify Integration


Shopify Integration
ClickFix's Shopify Integration feature is a powerful tool that effortlessly bridges your Shopify store with your Ontraport account. It automates data synchronization, ensuring your CRM is always up-to-date with your e-commerce activities, thereby streamlining your operations and boosting efficiency.

Here are some compelling reasons why people should use the Shopify Integration feature:

  • Automated Synchronization: All your Shopify orders will be automatically synchronized with your Ontraport account, saving you significant time and manual work.

  • Effective Tagging: All contacts will be tagged as Shopify_ClickFix. This tagging can aid in segmentation and personalization of your CRM activities. It's advised to remove the tag after your automations to allow for retagging, ensuring your data remains up-to-date.

  • Product Creation: If no product is found with a matching product name, the system will create it for you. This means you won't have to worry about manual product entry or missing out on product data. Note that the product name is used for this feature and it does not match colors and sizes for example.

  • Contact Creation: If no contact is found, a new contact will be created in your Ontraport account. This ensures that all your customer data from Shopify is accurately reflected in your CRM.

  • Tax Name Creation: If no matching tax name is found, one will be created. This ensures accuracy in your financial data and helps with tax calculations and compliance.

  • Manage Email Status: If your buyer have opted out of bulk email, we'll let you know (but note that we won't directly update the Bulk Email Status field, we will instead send that information to a text field and let you do what you must with it)

This integration will :

  1. Send every transaction from your Shopify Store into your Ontraport account
  2. Create a product if not found by name
  3. Create a tax if not found by name
  4. Send all customer data into Ontraport (cellphones go into sms_number and other types of phone will go into Office Phone)
  5. Tag the contact Shopify_ClickFix
  6. Update a text field with Email Optin status (true=yes email me, false=let me be)

To start the synchronization :

Step 1 : Add your Ontraport API keys here if not done yet : link

Step 2 : Grab your Shopify Token

2.a Hit Settings (bottom left) => Apps and sales channels => Develop app => Allow => Allow

2.b Create an app => Enter any name => Configure admin api scope => Search for “read_orders” and check it => Hit save

2.c API Credential => Install app => Instal => Reveal Token Once => Copy your token

Then go to http://app.clickfix.io/shopify

and Past it into a new clickfix module

Select your ontraport key,

And you can select a text field in the Optin Data field to send optin data to. (optional)
Clickfix will send :

  • true if the buyer agrees with marketing email, 
  • and false if he doesn’t.

That’s it! You are now synchronized

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