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💡 ClickFix | QR Code Management


QR Code Management

QR codes have become an indispensable tool for modern marketing and automation. ClickFix's QR Code Management feature empowers businesses to leverage the power of QR codes in a myriad of creative and impactful ways. Whether you need to generate QR codes dynamically or employ an on-page QR code reader, this comprehensive feature set provides you with the tools you need to enhance user experiences, streamline processes, and unlock new possibilities.

  • Generate QR Codes with Ease: Creating QR codes has never been simpler. With ClickFix's QR Code Management, you can effortlessly generate QR codes from various sources. Whether you want to create QR codes for short URLs, unique IDs, or custom data, our feature offers flexibility and convenience.

  • Seamless Integration: Our QR Code Management seamlessly integrates with Ontraport, ensuring that your QR codes are fully integrated into your marketing and automation workflows. This integration allows you to collect and utilize data from QR code scans effectively.
  • Dynamic Data Handling: Harness the power of dynamic data. Use QR codes to deliver personalized content, trigger specific automation sequences, or provide exclusive offers to your audience. Our feature lets you change the information behind a QR code without needing to create a new one, making updates and modifications a breeze.
  • Front-End QR Code Reader: Transform your website or landing pages into interactive hubs with our front-end QR code reader. This reader enables users to scan QR codes directly from the page, facilitating seamless interactions, such as event check-ins, instant data input, and more.
  • Automation and Instant Data Handling: The on-page QR code reader can be programmed to perform various actions based on the scanned data. For instance, it can auto-fill forms, submit user data, update records, or even initiate complex automation sequences with a single scan. This level of automation enhances user experiences and reduces manual efforts.
  • Versatile Use Cases: Explore endless possibilities with QR codes. Use them for event management, ticketing, personalized marketing, lead generation, customer engagement, and more. ClickFix's QR Code Management feature allows you to customize QR code applications to suit your specific needs.
  • Analytics and Tracking: Monitor the performance of your QR codes with built-in analytics and tracking. Gain insights into scan rates, user engagement, and conversion metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making and campaign optimization.
  • Enhanced User Experiences: By integrating QR codes seamlessly into your marketing and automation processes, you can offer users a highly engaging and interactive experience. Whether it's providing instant access to content or simplifying registration processes, QR codes enhance user satisfaction.
  • Unlock the Full Potential of QR Codes: ClickFix's QR Code Management feature is your key to unlocking the full potential of QR codes. From creation to implementation, automation to data handling, this feature set empowers you to harness the versatility of QR codes to drive your business forward.

Embrace the future of marketing and automation with ClickFix's QR Code Management and revolutionize the way you engage with your audience.


Generating QR Codes

To use this Magic Hook, get your %clickfix_token% and then POST this WebHook from your Ontraport Campaign :

Webhook Post :
https://klikfx.com/a/h/qr?token=[Calc $locktoken=#o7be3bb43e01b-f2683 display]
Add the data to send :
object=[Calc $qrobject=#o7be3bb43e01b-f2673 display]&id=[Calc $qrid=#o7be3bb43e01b-f2674 display]&field=[Calc $qrfield=#o7be3bb43e01b-f2675 display]&data=[Calc $qrdata=#o7be3bb43e01b-f2676 display]&storage=[Calc $qrstorage=#o7be3bb43e01b-f2677 display]&filename=[Calc $qrfilename=#o7be3bb43e01b-f2678 display]
! All the field in bold are required and must be filled to use this webhook !

Reading QR Codes

[ QrScan #%trigger.anchor% %redirect_url%={QR}]

This shortcode will allow you to pop up a QR-Code scanner through a button linking to a #%trigger.anchor%, allowing your visitor to scan it using a webcam or phone camera.

Once a QR code is successfully scanned, the visitor will be redirected to the %redirect_url% specified in the shortcode. In the %redirect_url%, you can use the {QR} placeholder to insert the data from the scanned QR code.

You can have multiple [QrScan] shortcodes on a page, allowing you to have multiple buttons, redirect URLs, and functions.

Note that you can use Magic Hooks to turn a string into a QR-Code.

This combined with our other tools should let you build very complex QR Systems, covering most use cases from Ticketing to Inventory Management or even Order Tracking. Contact us if you need help.

ATTRIBUTE                                  TYPE / VALUES         DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                                                     
Replace this with the anchor button that will trigger the QR-Code Scanner.


The Url the visitor will be redirected to after scanning the QR-Code.
{QR}Use as-isAdd {QR} anywhere in your %redirect_url% to use the scanned data.

You can use only a %redirect_url% attribute or the {QR} reference, but at least one of them is Required.

Employee Facing QR Codes

Please scan the below QR Code on your phone to load up our QR Code Scanner, then scan any of the Demo QR codes

Event Management

Fidelity Program

Customer Facing QR Codes

Scan any of those QR Codes on your phone to get started

Pay an invoice

Product Registration

Exclusive Content

Documentation Generating QR Codes
Documentation Reading QR Codes
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